Experienced and expert management . The strength of Udaan.

Mr. Jamwal is a chemistry faculty and a well known academician .He has work experience of 19 years as a chemistry faculty and management in various known institutions. Mr. Jamwal himself has been brilliant student during his student life. His innovative methods of teaching chemistry makes students understand grasp the concept very easily and students are ever willing to attend his classes. He developed unique teaching methodology for weak and slow learners. He choose this place as a city to serve because in Himachal bellet students are intelligent and have brains but need guidance to sharp their skills. In each student he sees a potential enginners, doctors and scientist. His vision is to produce best brains in India. We invite all those students to join Udaan who believe in theirselves and are ready to give their 100 percent. Our fullĀ  time and stable faculty are trying hard to bring the best out of ourstudents and our staff is always ready to help the students.

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